What do pizza and GCI have in common?

Humm if you’re wondering what the answer is, read on and I’ll tell you.

OK who doesn’t love pizza? Its become a ritual at our house on Friday movie nights. We’re always trying a new pizza place and tying to find just the right ingredients and pizza that everyone loves. Well, we found one that suits everyone in our family and what even makes it more special it was right in front us all the time.

THE ROCK WOOD FIRED PIZZA (link) is one of the best we’ve ever tasted and what even makes it even better is that GCI has been retained to assist them with their press releases! Yep that right. We recently completed a Press Release for THE ROCK PIZZA announcing the opening of there new restaurant(s) in Texas. Whoo Hoo!

OUR press release was picked up by over 300 outlets, produced tweets AND with our connections, we were able to arrange a radio interview.


If your company has an important announcement contact GCI we’ll craft the perfect message tailored just for you