The Power of a Mascot

Mascots are powerful which is why so many companies use them. Having a character or mascot to represent you in front of the public can have several advantages:

Mascots get attention

People are constantly bombarded with media messages, mascots cut through the noise and clutter and stand out.

When mascots speak; people listen

When people see a mascot they are more likely to stop and listen.

Increased brand awareness

A good mascot is memorable. If an appealing character can work its way into the public consciousness, it will become an instantly recognizable symbol for a product. The company’s logo is reinforced through the mascot’s message.

A positive image

Mascots are fun! They provide a likable character the audience can relate to, which in turn creates a positive connection about your product. It’s much harder to do that with just a logo.

Mass appeal

A mascot can appeal to a wide demographic, across many age groups and backgrounds, transcending languages and cultures.