Washington Child Passenger Safety

Cesi Velez, Project Manager for the Washington Child Passenger Safety Program, came to GCI asking to see samples of our work in the area of children’s activity books. In response, we showed her projects completed for grades K-3 with an emphasis on child passenger safety: our Booster Rooster and Ted E. Bear campaigns.

Cesi explained that she was interested in some new materials emphasizing a more updated look with a new illustration style. We were more than happy to accommodate this request.

Before lead designer Connie picked up pen and paper, she conducted research on current popular illustration styles seen by today’s children. Along with the children shown in the samples, a new superhero style character, “Sergeant Safety”, was developed as the featured authority figure.

Cesi also requested that we handle printing coordination. In doing so, GCI saved her agency nearly 50 percent on printing costs.

This booklet, near completion, will soon be in the hands of children near you! We are waiting for the final proof of the Spanish translation and then it will be made available throughout the State of Washington.