Meet Me In Centralia

The City of Centralia got its name because it was centrally located between Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, with easy access by car or train.

They came to GCI with a desire to highlight the many venues available for use in the Centralia area for hosting events – in particular, business meetings, workshops and retreats.

We began with several discovery meetings, during which, we identified their goals, needs and target audiences. With that information, we developed a plan to best accomplish their desired results. We developed a calendar listing the tasks, which included copywriting and creating a compelling message for all promotional materials. We outlined needed talent and scoped locations for supporting Centralia’s amenities, such as specialty shops, hotels and entertainment facilities.

Once all the assets were gathered, the branding began. We delivered suggested layouts, logos, color pallets and sales package options. Once the website was developed, these local venues and the various accommodations and amenities provided could be researched from anywhere and reservations could be easily made.

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