You will quickly see that Dale is a like-able sort of guy, plain and simple. His quick wit, reliability, and dedication to quality guarantee a positive working experience. Plus, when it’s idea time, Dale’s knack for keeping on the pulse of things means he is always ready to step up to the plate with innovative ideas for achieving your success.

Dale Richart

Client Liaison
AKA: The Go-to Guy
T: 360-786-9657

Fun Fact:

Dale loves to experience the world, its people, its food, and especially its nature! He is happiest when he is outside, and we mean anywhere outside.


  • A baby-boomer from Morton (loggers-ville)
  • Shoe size: 10ish
  • Height: 6′
  • Naturally curly gray hair that used to be rusty red
  • Part of the GCI Team since January 2011