Our beloved leader and with good reason, Connie has a naturally calming presence and brings Zen to any meeting. Connie values partnership and loyalty and has based the structure of GCI around it. You can’t help but notice her sparkling quality that shines through in all the work she touches. (Imagine the Midas touch gone right!)

Connie Lovelady

Creative Director & Owner
AKA: Queen Bee

T: 360-786-9657 ext 101

Fun Fact:

Raised in sunny Southern California, the smell of sun tan lotion still reminds her of beach towels and The Beatles. Avoiding the Vietnam War, she decided to “Give Peace a Chance” with her husband, Greg, and spent four years in South America as a Peace Corps Volunteer.


  • B.S. in Fine Art — Seattle University
  • Married her High School sweetheart 43 years ago
  • Height: 5’8″ in stocking-feet, 6′ in her signature 4″ heels
  • Daughter’s conception equates to GCI’s inception